Saturday, April 26, 2008

A beautiful girl, a handsome boy, and their China outfits

Lily & Ty sporting their Chinese outfits... Jeff did a great job shopping in China!

I love this picture.......Ty is saying CHEESE

Ty's outfit is a really soft silk but wasn't exactly made for his body.... the arms were super long.... I rolled the arms up a little but he thought it was so much fun to unroll them and flap them around.

My beautiful Lily..... when we were in China to bring Lily home we found beautiful cotton outfits. Well for some reason I only bought one. I asked Jeff to get more than that this trip and so he did. He picked some really beautiful outfits. Lily loves her China clothes! (her words)

A very serious Lily but she just finished telling me that she loved her blue China outfit... so that is serious business.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


FINALLY an update!!!!!!!!!!

Things are going very well here..... busy and chaotic but very well. Finding the time to update the blog between a 3 year old, a 2 year old, keeping my house somewhat in order, and working from home has been a challenge. While some days are crazier than others I wouldn't change it for the world.

Ty is adjusting to our family, life in a new place, all the changes, and everything so wonderfully.
He is a perfect fit for our family! You can just tell that he feels very much at home as well.

Many people ask us if he talks... He DOES... non stop. Sometimes we can understand exactly what he is saying and other times it is his own little language.
He seems to learn a new word each day. He is picking up on things so quickly.

He is FEARLESS. The boy is afraid of nothing so far. He is not afraid to go down a slide backward, forward, sideways, standing up, on the edge, head first, head hanging over the edge, with a running start, and basically any way you can get down he will try.
The other day I looked over and he was attempting to slide down one of the fireman poles on the playground equipment. Mind you the reach was much bigger than his 33inch body. Nevertheless he went for it and thankfully I got there in time to keep him from falling about 7 feet to the ground. He just laughed and repeated the whole process.

When Ty came home I instantly felt stitches would be in our future and probably frequently.
Well.... just 2 weeks after he got home he had 5 stitches.
A certain someone (not Tiffany by the way) let Lily & Ty jump on the bed. I heard Lily say, "Mom doesn't let us do this". That was followed by a loud thud and then a loud scream. Ty fell into one of our very sharp night stands and cut his face right by his ear.
He had 5 stitches and pulled them out that same night as he removed his bandage.
After a week of antibiotics for his infected cut you'd never know he had a cut.

Ty is really sweet and very lovable. He loves to hug. He also loves kissing his stuffed animals.
Speaking of kissing......I love kissing his big cheeks and he doesn't usually mind. LOL He pats my back when I kiss his cheeks. He says I love you (sounds more like I LA U).

He is a little comedian.... he will do anything he can think of to make us all laugh. He is successful at it as well. His favorite thing is to put his place mat on his head or whatever food he is eating and watch it fall off.

LILY..... LILY & TY~
Lily does so well considering her throne is now shared by TY BABY.
She has her moments for sure but is doing a great job of being a big sister.
Ty doesn't like to be the center of attention and that is a great thing because Lily does.
She usually likes to play with anything that he is playing with. We have quite a few toys in duplicate but they will still fight over the one that the other has.
She is his spokeswoman many times and while they have their moments like all siblings do they really like each other.
One minute they are pushing each other and the next they are holding hands in the car.
They even like to have their pictures taken together. They both put out their hand for gummy bears the minute I get the camera out. OH MY.... What have I started?

Jeff's mom said it very well.... they are going to be fiercely competitive but also fiercely loyal with each other. I totally agree.

Just trying to keep our sanity.... so far we seem to be keeping it. HA HA HA
Life will certainly never be dull, quiet, boring, or ordinary with these little people.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Update coming soon.....

I promise to have more of an update VERY soon....
"The Littles" are doing very well and keeping us VERY busy.

The other day I was folding laundry and I heard a lot of laughter in the living room. My first instinct was to grab my camera (as my mind was wondering what they were up to).
I walked in the living room to see all of the pillows off the couch. They were jumping on them, diving into them, using them to dust the wood floor, scooting around on them, and throwing them everywhere. I was just happy that is all they were up to.
You NEVER know what they might come up with....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"The littles" all ready for church

They thought they were SOOOOOOOOOO cute in their little outfits.... (Lily noticed they sort of matched but NOT EXACTLY as she put it).
Ty loved Sunday school. I think we will stay for church next week....
Sunday school seemed to be enough for the first church visit.
Ty was so excited when Teacher Megan (as Lily calls her Sunday school teacher) passed out the drink boxes and popcorn. He thought that was just the best.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wake up service

More updates coming soon.....

Well you all saw the pictures from Ty's first day home when Lily was sitting on Ty's bed... waking him up......
The other day Ty woke up from his nap about 30 minutes before Lily did. Much to my surprise she was actually taking a nap. Lately she is the queen of doing anything but napping or having quiet time as I call it.
I know she is probably past the days of napping but she still needs quiet time. Well, I know I do.
So Ty was VERY excited to wake up Lily.
He could hardly stand it...
You can only imagine how happy she was to be the recipient of his wake up service!!!

She was actually sleeping in her sunglasses...... the other 7 pair and the box we store them in were also in bed with her.

Ty moving in to see all the STUFF in her bed. Lily puts all of these things in the bed while she is suppose to be having quiet time. By some miracle (with all the stuff in her bed) she actually fell asleep.

I can just imagine Lily saying.... what do you think you are doing?

If looks could kill... I am pretty sure this one from Lily would....

And then a big mood swing to happy and awake

Rolling around on the floor with Lily's pillow (that cute pillow case that is falling off the pillow is a Red Thread Stitch creation)

TY LOVES Lily's room. He loves all of her stuffed animals, her books, her hair barrettes, her pillows, and her Hello Kitty's. OH MY... He actually grabbed Miss Kitty (Hello Kitty) today and gave her a big hug and kiss. Lily told him that was nice but he shouldn't do that again.
Tonight when I was putting Lily to bed she noticed that Miss Kitty was missing. Where do you think Miss Kitty was? You guessed it... Ty's room!
Lily said, "Ty you are so funny, Miss Kitty needs to go to bed with me now, and don't do that again". Followed by a big OK.... Hear me!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Blogger Friends

OK first off...I will have an update (with pictures) on "the littles" very soon. Now that we are feeling more settled taking pictures actually seems like a possibility.
Getting pictures of Lily and Ty together is what I call "mission almost impossible". In fact, I was taking some pictures of them today and asked them to stand next to each other. They did.......I snapped a few pictures (one with Lily looking away, one with Ty looking away, and the other was just a blur).
THE SECOND I sat my camera down they looked at me and then hugged each other while yelling "CHEESE". Are they conspiring against me.... OH I THINK SO.

In the meantime....... I wanted to share some very special gifts from my very special blogger friends. These gifts are from 3 wonderful ladies that I have never met. I feel like I have known them all my life. They are inspiring, supportive, uplifting, and just wonderful ladies.
I feel so blessed that they all took the time to send such sweet gifts to someone they have never met. I am so thankful to have their friendship. THANK YOU!!!!

I have been meaning to post this for a long time....Lori sent me this package (of great hand me downs from her adorable boys) long before Ty was home.
If you follow Lori's blog you know she is so full of grace and elegance.... She needs to have her own magazine or boutique!!!!! Her blog is just soothing to the soul..... she is fabulous.
Thank you Lori for the wonderful gifts....

Robin at Red Thread Stitches sent these super fun goodies to Lily and Ty. They BOTH love them. We even used the bug light (taller blue one on the right) when our power went out (the night that Jeff left for China).
I have posted about Robin several times... she is creating adorable clothes to bring her Mia Hope home from China.
Check out her blog for new creations and stay tuned for more.
Robin is such a great friend and truly a blessing!!!!!!!!!! I am SO thankful for her friendship and the fantastic little clothes she creates. What would I do without you Robin?

Michelle is such a sweet lady and I love to follow her blog. Each time I stop by her blog I feel like I'm visiting with a friend that I've always known. Her love for her beautiful family shines through in each post.
She was so dear to send me a few emails while Jeff was gone that seemed to arrive just when I really needed them. Thank you Michelle for thinking of me/us and for being such a sweet person!!!!!!!
Her adorable little girls (Ella & Sophie) made the cute card pictured below.
Lily was so proud of it that she wanted to put it above our fireplace.

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