Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Could it be...

Yes.... indeed.... a new post.....

It has been SO long since I've posted.... summer came, summer went, school started, and now fall is here.
I had great intentions of posting all summer about the fun things we were doing (and we did a lot) but the littles (not so little anymore) kept me hopping all summer.

Our summer fun included~
Cirque Du Soleil show... followed by days of Lily and Ty trying to duplicate the acrobats at home...
Movies (on days that we needed a break from the heat)
Lily's 6th anniversary (can't believe it has been 6 years)
Kelleys Island
Long bike rides
4th of July parade (that we were in)
Swimming lessons and LOTS of swimming (because it was so HOT this year)
Family reunion
Karate (both moved up a belt this summer... Ty now on purple and Lily on yellow)
A week in Seattle
Several activities that included butterflies

Then before we knew it school started......


Even though the littles are in school all day I still haven't made it back here to post on the blog.....until now....