Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

This morning Ty was going on and on (because he was super excited) about his St. Patrick's Day party at school and he had to wear green so he didn't get pinched.
Here is our conversation.....

Ty... Mom, I have to wear green for my party today because it is St. Patrick's Day and if I don't wear green I gonna get pinched.
Me... Good idea Ty.. how about your Lucky Charm shirt.. that is green.... you won't get pinched if you wear that?
Ty... That's a good idea because it has a funny guy on it (leprechaun) and it is green. I SOOO excited to wear that to my party.
Me... Ty, do you remember wearing that shirt last year and you were SUPER excited to wear it on St. Patrick's Day?
Ty.... You sure about that mom?
Me... Yep, I bought it a size too big last year because I knew you would like it and want to wear it a long time.

After school....

Ty... Mom, you sure I wore this last year?
Me... Let me show you a cute picture of you in it... you liked your shirt so much we took a picture of you in it.
Ty.... I love that picture mom... maybe we take a new picture of me in my Lucky Charm shirt.
I so glad to wear my shirt last year and this year... maybe I can wear it next year?

Click to see last year's picture

I am squeezing him pretty tight because he thinks it is hilarious to climb me or tickle me or anything that looks silly in the picture...

Climbing on mom.....As seen here.....
He kicked the table that the camera was sitting on which is why the picture is blurry.... which he also thought was so funny that we looked all blurry.....