Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still here

I KNOW... I know...
It has been FOREVER since my last post.

The littles are just about to return to school... SO.... .hopefully I will have some updates coming soon. Goodness I still have a lot of Disney pictures to post.... not to mention the endless amounts of summer pictures.

We've had a great but LONG summer!!! It is definitely time for school to start (for all of us).
I have enjoyed this time with the littles so much but my patience is wearing thin and fresh ideas to keep us busy are running out.

Not only have the littles kept me busy... I hurt my back (actually my bum... as the littles call it) about a month ago. Lots of fun summer activities (water parks, 4 wheel rides, hammocks that snapped, roller coasters etc) might have been the cause. Needless to made sitting, standing, and lying down all uncomfortable. After 4 weeks of physical therapy (and grouchiness) I am very thankful to say that I can finally sit at my desk without hurting like mad. Jeff was beyond patient and the littles were wonderful little helpers around the house... which I sure appreciated and needed!!!

During that time we have a new addition to our family... He is a teddy bear Persian named Hershey (because he is chocolate in color).
We brought him home about 3 weeks ago and he is super busy but the sweetest little guy. We all love him to pieces!!!
Hershey weighing in at 3lbs.
I woke him up.... which explains why his eyes look a little funny here.

MANY times this summer I have wondered (silently of course) if I am doing a good job at being MOM. I mean we have had A LOT of time together and I am sure I haven't been the sweetest mom in the world. One day... out of the blue... Lily walks up to me and hands me a penny.
I was unloading the dishwasher (for about the 1000th time this summer) and she said....
Mom, this is for doing such a good job this summer!!!! You've been such a good mom!
The next day she gave me 2 pennies.