Saturday, January 22, 2011

How Great Thou Art

My Grandma.....

Four months ago she passed away.... and I can't believe that I typed those words.

Today I delivered 2 pieces of her furniture and mirrors to be refinished.... and today would have been her birthday. Which I thought was kind of neat.

When I was little I would ask my grandma if she was going to live forever to which she would say no. Then I would ask her if she was going to live to be really old to which she would say I hope so honey. I would go on to tell her that I didn't want her to ever die because I would miss her too much. She would rub my head and tell me not to worry about it that she wasn't going anywhere.

I spent a lot of time with my grandparents when I was growing up. My brother and I loved spending time with them. We were there every weekend, summer, or minute possible.

I never thought the day would come that she or they wouldn't be here.

I can still hear her voice!!

I miss her so much!!

Lily says, "Mom don't be sad.... she is with Jesus and she is still in your heart".

SO true!!!!!!!

When I heard How Great Thou Art (one of her favorite hymns) at church just a week after she passed away I knew she was right there... in my heart!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy New Year

AND... I am only 2 weeks late saying Happy New Year!

We had a great holiday season and now we are excited about 2011!

I had high hopes of posting holiday pictures and somehow that never happened. I might get a few on here but I am hoping to keep things current on here this year.

SO.... ON to 2011....New Year's Resolutions?
Well, I like to call them New Year's Goals.

One goal for this year is to get organized! We moved into our house almost 2 years ago and it is time to organize 3 areas that I try to ignore...
1~The guest room closet... I know this doesn't sound too high priority BUT... This is a big closet and it is packed full. When we moved in this (and the basement) is where everything went that I didn't feel like unpacking or going through.
2~My office... This is a catch all for EVERYTHING. The little's artwork, school stuff, my business stuff, boxes, gifts, wrapping paper, craft supplies, ETC ........ you get the idea.
3~The basement... OH where to begin... toys... totes.... STUFF...

I keep a clean and usually pretty organized house so these spaces are making me crazy.
If I don't get these areas organized I am afraid I'll be on one of those reality shows... where someone does an intervention because they can't believe I have this much STUFF.

So... here is to 2011 and getting organized!!!!
(typed while trying to ignore all the STUFF in my office)