Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Letters and 3 years....

I wanted to share a letter that Ty's teacher sent home last week...

Ty is such a joy to have in the classroom!
He is so kind to others and willing to help out anyone who needs it.
I really appreciate him & we love having him in our class.
We're going to miss him next year!
Just wanted to let you know, you should be very proud of him!

Last month we celebrated Ty's 3rd anniversary. What a blessing he is and YES... we are so proud of him!
Ty is a joy... he is the best helper.... he is so caring... he is funny...he is sweet... he is stubborn... he is smart...he likes to look handsome...he loves to give kisses and hugs... he loves God...
he loves his family... and he loves himself!

He will always be my Ty Baby!!!!!

Ty's signature pose....
He laughed his head off when I showed him all the times in the last 3 years that
he has done this pose.

This might be a new pose.....

Mr. Cute Cheeks....

We are blessed to be the parents of this amazing 5 year old and to celebrate 3 years with him!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tooth Fairy and business cards

We've had some pretty exciting times lately.....

Miss Lily lost her first tooth and she couldn't be more excited!
She has been checking her teeth for MANY months now... just hoping that one would have a little wiggle. Well, we were in the car several weeks ago and here was our conversation....

Lily... This stinkin' tooth is driving me cookoo...
Me... Don't say stinkin'. I'll look at it when we stop.
Lily... Ok but I am about to lose my mind.
Me... We are almost there Lil.
Lily... OK... I'll try to wait.

I check the tooth and sure enough... it is loose.

Me... Lily, your tooth is loose!!!!!
Lily... What? Are you kidding me?
Me... No.. I am very serious..... it is loose!!!!
Lily... Oh my word... this is the best day ever!

Almost two weeks passed and the tooth was still in her mouth.
She wiggled it for days and then just got tired of the whole process and ignored it... she also decided if it was going to bleed she wasn't in a hurry to lose it.
One evening Jeff told her it was time to pull it and she decided SHE would do it HERSELF.
She sat in front of this mirror for quite a while... pulling and wiggling...

After about 30 minutes Jeff told her... You get 3 tries Lily and I get one....

Jeff's try was the winner and the tooth was out... she screamed, cried, and then laughed all at the same time.
Then she had to make some calls to share the news.

She was beyond excited to use this cute little tooth fairy pillow (thanks Amanda)....

The next morning she couldn't wait to tell me what the tooth fairy left......
MOM... she left me green money and her business card.

**I must admit I was a little teary eyed that my Lilybug was losing her first tooth...... It took me back to a moment in China almost 5 years ago (similar to the one below). She would smile so big to show off her 8 little teeth.... then I wondered how the time went by SOOOOOOO fast.