Tuesday, April 28, 2009


A birthday celebration
FOR... cousin Ivan's 3rd birthday
WHERE.... Grandma & Grandpa N's
WHEN.... Day before Easter

Lily, Ivan (the birthday boy), and Ty.......oh yea... they are licking icing off the cake...

Their tiny partner in crime BABY NINA (as Lily and Ty call her) is convinced this is something she needs to help with

Ivan and Ty playing grandma's piano.....
The lighting was a bit off in this photo and I am not sure that my attempts to fix it with a photoshop application helped either...nonetheless I really like this picture and love these handsome little guys.

I was so excited to get some photos of baby Nina....AND......she didn't ask for a jelly bean like
Lily and Ty do after picture taking.....
Oh she is tooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Egg Hunt

In an effort to catch up (I think the words CAUGHT UP are a thing of the past) here are some Egg hunting pictures....

Getting their pictures seemed next to impossible. They were on the move and too busy for picture taking.

The big egg hunt was at their future k-12 school......
The limit was 15 eggs per child.... Ty had 18 eggs within a minute. Lily took her time hunting eggs... pointing out that her fuzzy coat looked so pretty with her Easter basket and that Ty would give her a few of his eggs... which meant she could take her time.

Not sure if they worked the whole deal out ahead of time but Ty came up and plopped a few eggs in her basket at the end.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hope you all had a very Happy Easter!!!!!!!

We enjoyed a weekend of family, Easter egg hunts, church, food, a birthday celebration (for our nephew Ivan), and lots of fun.
I have plenty of pictures to upload but seem to be on a shortage of time to get them on the computer...... SO as soon as they are on the computer I will start posting.

In the meantime....
A few weeks ago I took these Easter pictures......
I love these pictures so much because they really show Lily and Ty being themselves. They certainly have their typical sibling moments but so many times they are the best of friends.
They are quite the little team. God certainly had a plan when he chose them to be sister and brother.

Last July I took a picture of Lily and Ty holding hands..... now each time I take their pictures they suggest a hand picture... hee hee.......I figure I have no idea how long they will allow pictures like that so I am going to snap away while it lasts.....

You out there mom..... we are ready for pictures....
Lily peeking out the back door

Something loud flew over and this was her reaction

Ty LOVES sweaters, sweater vests, button down shirts and anything that allows him to look handsome... he even says Ty SOOOO handsome....
I had visions of him wearing dress shoes for a picture but he had visions of his snowboots... we compromised on these favorite Keen shoes.....

This is Ty's new favorite pose in his line up of poses....

Monday, April 6, 2009

Here comes Peter Cottontail

The littles are ready for all things Easter!!!!! They love reading their Easter books, making Easter crafts, and eating jelly beans. They are super excited to color eggs this week.

A few weeks ago we stopped to see the Easter Bunny. Lily was ready to see the BIG Bunny months ago.
She remembered that Ty was none too thrilled with Santa.....SOOOOO... she let him know if he didn't like the Easter Bunny that was fine... BUT... she was getting her picture with the bunny no matter what.