Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An apple a day keeps the Dr away.....

A few weeks ago we made the trip to a local apple orchard.... let's just say we will be eating apples for quite a while.

We had so much fun! The weather was really nice and Uncle Jon (Jeff's brother), Aunt Katie, Cousin Ivan, and Baby Nina joined us.

Lily and Ty actually ate apples with the peel on... normally if Lily notices a fragment of peel on the apple she won't eat it... I think Ty does the same thing because he sees her rejecting the peel.
Well, they were both more than excited to eat the apples right then and there.... peel and all.

I don't have as many pictures of Ty (from the orchard) because he was on the move and on the hunt for apples... he didn't have time for my photo sessions....

Lily and Ivan hugging for what seemed like 5 minutes.
Lily always reminds us that she and Ivan are cousins just like Dora and Diego.

The hug seems to be getting tighter... Ivan seemed ok with it...
Lily gives the best hugs.... her hugs are so strong that I have to remind myself she is only 3.

Pumpkin Patch Ty

Lily picking out some gourds for us to take home...

These gorgeous mums looked like a colorful carpet...

Lily picking "flowers"

Ivan having fun

When I took this picture I asked Lily and Ty if they liked their apples and they both yelled

Dad (holding the flowers that Lily picked) and Uncle Jon (with Ivan and Baby Nina)

Ty...pickin apples

Cousins... examining an apple covered in ants

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ty Baby home for 6 months

I can hardly believe that (just a few days ago) it has been six months ago that Ty came home....
It seems like he has always been with us but then it seems like yesterday that Jeff was in China.

We had our first post placement visit (with our social worker)... part of the requirements are to submit family pictures. Well, I have A LOT of pictures but none that show Jeff and I with Ty (without Miss Lily). I also only have one picture of myself with Ty. That is only due to the fact that Miss Lily wants to be in them all.

So while Lily was at preschool the other day we snapped a few pictures....
Ty thought this was a lot of fun but just to give you an idea of what his personality is like he mentioned Lily several times.... as though she needed to be there.

Our social worker asked me to tell her about Ty......
He is the one that always tries to make us laugh.
He is a social butterfly. He is really good with people and is always trying to help. If someone is crying or hurt he is the first to see why and give them a kiss.
He is so lovable.
He is fearless which causes mom and dad lots of fear.
He loves to look nice.... he wants gel in his hair each day like dad does. He always thanks me for doing his hair. He loves to try on new clothes.
He is always so thankful....he says THANK YOU for everything.
He loves pandas.
He is a smart little man.
He is so happy and jolly!
He loves all of his family, friends, and God.

We are so blessed to be his parents!!!!

Ty giving dad a kiss....

Ty LOVES the outdoors, watering flowers, planting flowers, digging, etc...... he also loves to pick my flowers.....
Here he is dressed up for his church dedication...... he took some time to stop and pick my mums on the front porch.

Another day and another opportunity to pick my flowers....

Ty in his bed... he is so proud of his Red Thread Stitches personalized pillow, his beautiful quilt that Aunt Rachel made him, his two pandas, the Dora he swiped months ago from Lily's room, and Boots that he got at King's Island.

Ty has discovered that Lily being in preschool isn't so bad... he can play with any toy he wants and he can wear her Matilda Jane hat. He LOVES the Matilda Jane hat by the way.
I was in the kitchen and spotted him wearing it while building a LEGO tower.

I LOVE Ty's hands........ they feel like little pancakes.... and they are just so cute.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A new "DO" for Miss Lilybug

When Lily came home from China her hair was about as short as Ty's. People use to tell her it looked so chic but she never seemed to like that it was so short.
As she got older and her hair grew longer she would always say that she didn't want short hair like her baby picture.
So we would just have it trimmed here and there.
Then a few weeks ago... out of the blue... she decided she wanted short hair . After she told me about 5 different times I figured she really wanted short hair.... so off we went to get it cut...
She now has a new do that is about 4 inches shorter....
The short hair makes her look younger which I love and she loves it... It seems to have brought out more of her sassy personality.... OH MY!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thomas the Train

A few weeks ago we took Lily and Ty to a Day out with Thomas the Train. It wasn't really a DAY but actually just a 25 minute ride.
Aside from the humid weather and rain they loved it. They couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Thomas.
Ty told everyone.. (just in case they didn't know) as he pointed to the train... THAT IS THOMAS.

Lily and Ty don't really watch Thomas on TV but they love to play with the trains , they love the Thomas books, and now they love the BIG Thomas train.

I was excited because I love any occasion to take pictures.... well the rain made that almost impossible. Thankfully Jeff brought his smaller camera and snapped a few.

Lily checking out the trains on the train table...

There's Thomas......

They really did have fun... although you would never know it from this picture.... hee hee
Lily wasn't happy that rain was getting in her face and Ty just wanted to get on the train

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First day of pre-school for Lily

Well, Lily really loved her first day of pre-school. I decided that taking Ty with us on this first day was not a good idea. I knew he would have a meltdown if he couldn't stay with Lily. So it was just Lily and Mom. I am happy to say there were NO TEARS from Lily or mom.

When we got in the car I looked back at her and I couldn't believe that my baby was going to pre-school.... it seems like yesterday we were putting her in the car seat for the first time.
I fought back a tear or two in that moment (which she didn't see). I smiled at her and she said, "I am SO excited mom".

We got to pre-school and she couldn't wait to get out of the car. As we walked into the classroom she took off her coat and backpack and left both where they fell. I showed her where she needs to hang them up and she put her name on the chart to say she was there. We made a potty stop and then she was ready for action.... I told her I loved her and told her to have fun... she said, "OK MOM... love you.. you have fun too".

A month ago I ordered a personalized backpack and apparently so did everyone else because it has yet to arrive.
So, I personalized (nothing fancy as you can tell... just a Sharpie) her Dora backpack until the other arrives.

When I asked her if she was going to have fun at school she said, "YES" and made this funny face..... oh boy..... I hope her teacher is prepared.....

Come on mom... no more pictures.... I am ready to get in that school

In action right away

When I returned from taking Lily to school Ty was waiting with his jacket and backpack on. He wanted to go to school also.....

I took him shopping for new tennis shoes and he thought that was wonderful. He also wanted me to carry him through the mall which is rare... When we left the shoe store he gave me a kiss and said, "Dank you momma".
(Thank you momma)

When we picked Lily up she was so excited to see us and said she had a GREAT time. Her teacher said she did wonderful.
Ty didn't want to leave the classroom. Lily SO KINDLY reminded him he is too young for pre-school.
I asked Lily what she did in class and she said, "I am too tired to talk about it mom".

After lunch at home she told me she played the maracas, played in the kitchen, had a snack, sang songs, had story time, and played on senseeeeee tables (sensory tables).

Monday, September 8, 2008

Saved from the sprinkler

These two are SOOOO silly....
Lily and Ty love running through their ladybug sprinkler but the minute we get out the big one they run for cover.
Lily is protecting Ty in the pictures below... from the sprinkler or frinkler as she calls it.
Here is their conversation~
TY~ OH NO RAIN (he thought the sprinkler was rain)
LILY~ Come here baby I will help you
TY~ OK Lily
LILY~ You sit on my lap Ty baby
TY~ Dank you Lily

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Seamstress for a Year

If you've stopped by our blog before you have most likely read about my wonderful friend Robin at Red Thread Stitches. She has been creating non-stop to bring her daughter Mia Hope home from China. She is in the final stretch and will hopefully travel VERY soon.
She just posted an auction that she is running.... for a personal seamstress for a year.
Click on the link below to check it out....

Red Thread Stitches

I wanted to share some of the adorable outfits and dresses that I have purchased (over almost a year) for Lily... all adorable things that Robin has created..............

This is my absolute favorite dress and Lily's favorite as well... She is giving me what she called a very pretty smile for this picture.... hee hee