Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Someday I will thank God

I hesitated to share this story because it feels so personal. But it is too sweet not to share. It is a reminder of how special the miracle of adoption is.

This is one of those moments I want to always remember. I tried to write down each word that Lily said because it was so special and touched my heart so deeply.

Several weeks ago....
The littles were sitting on their bar stools enjoying a snack.... I was making a side dish to take to a BBQ.... Jeff was mowing.....
When Lily says....
Lily~ Cows come from Pigs!
Me~ Lil, cows come from cows, pigs come from pigs.
Lily~ HOW?
Me~ The same way that people are born.
Lily~ When I get older I am going to have a baby in my belly like Julie did (Julie is a good friend of ours that just had baby Lucy... when baby Lucy was born Julie did a great job of answering Lily's MANY detailed questions)
Me~ That is great Lily and when you have babies I will be their grandma.
Lily~ Some ladies don't have babies in their belly mom.... like you... and that is ok too
Me~ That is true Lily and even though you weren't in my belly I love you the same as if you were
Lily~ A special lady had Lily and Ty in her belly
Me~ Yes... a special lady had you in her belly and a different special lady had Ty in her belly and God had that all planned out long ago.... God chose you to be our daughter... God chose Ty to be our son.....God chose us to be your parents.... and God chose the the special ladies that would carry you in their bellies. He knew this plan LONG ago.
Lily~ God knew you would come to China to bring Lily and Ty home?
Me~ Oh yes he did and that is all part of his wonderful plan for our family.
Lily~ Someday when I go to heaven I will thank God for the special lady and for bringing us home from China to our mom and dad.
Me~ I thank him for that every day.......
Lily~ Let's say a prayer mom right now to thank him

And so she did....

As I type this now it brings me to happy tears once again. I will forever be in awe and thanks for how our family was created!!!!!

OH how I love this photo. We were sitting on the back porch watching birds. I happened to have my camera when Lily shut her eyes... I asked what she was thinking.... and she said she was thanking God for the birds.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Flowers for Friday

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some Favorites

Some favorite photos of my favorite littles........

THREE posts in a row..... pretty good after getting so far behind these last months.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In action

Two days in a row for posting... YEE HAW......

These pictures were taken last month when it was finally starting to warm up a little.

Ty baby on a mission

Lily insisting that she has her pink sunglasses because they match her pink shirt so well.....

They love hauling loads in their Gator....

Is this a stand off with Dad?

Nope.... he is just stopping by to offer rides..... Lily LOVES helping dad mow....

Ty's turn

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cutie pie smiles

BLOG goal this week..... post Monday-Friday..... well I missed Monday but here is the post for Tuesday.

A princess (notice the tshirt.... Michelle sent that to her not long after Ty came home and she still wears it) driving the Gator

What a smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is such a big boy now but this picture shows that little baby face still hiding in there.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some of our surroundings

Last week was lots of fun (and lots of being tired) with Vacation Bible School and now this week the littles are in swim lessons.
Somewhere in my wild thinking I thought with us being new to the area our summer might not be full of activity. NOT THE CASE..... we are having so much fun and doing A LOT.
The summer is off to a great start!

Now with summer in full swing and us keeping pretty busy...... I have been neglecting the blog.
I have LOTS of pictures just waiting to be edited, posted, printed, etc.
Not to mention the Lightroom 2 program that seems to call my name each time I get on the computer.

The littles exploring
in the field behind our house....

Lily and Ty love our neighbor Diane.....
They also love her horses... this just happens to be one of her horses.....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still here

Things have been busy as always.... the littles have Vacation Bible School this week and I just so happen to be the helper (keyword being helper...not the teacher) for their class. It just so happens that Lily's future preschool teacher is their Bible school teacher. They think that is really cool.
The littles LOVE bible school but they are TIRED (it lasts until 9pm). ME TOO. hee hee
At any rate that hasn't left me much time to update the blog.... So I will be back with several updates next week.

Lil and Ty's ladybug kite (Lily's words)