Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween

Lily decided she wanted to be a lady bug again this year (she was a ladybug 2 years ago).
I wasn't sure what Ty would be and Miss Lily suggested he should be a panda. Since he loves pandas I thought that was a great idea....

The other day it was so nice outside that we threw the costumes on and took some pictures.
They thought that was so much fun and can't wait to wear them again tomorrow night for trick or treat.....

Lilybug and Ty Panda.....
Also the Princess and Pirate pumpkins.... they loved decorating their pumpkins with these kits from Target.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ty's Birthday

Ty really enjoyed his 3rd birthday!!! We had a celebration with the 4 of us on his birthday. Then this weekend we enjoyed a fall weekend at our church camp.......since we had several family members and friends with us we thought we would have a birthday celebration.

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful gifts and for helping us make Ty's birthday a special one.

Ty LOVED this birthday banner!

Happily standing under his birthday banner....

Miss Lily thought she would assist Ty in blowing out his candles... see the next picture to see what he thought of that idea....

Ty and Lily in their new slippers and enjoying Ty's new Tball game
(thanks Auntie and Uncle M for that)

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Ty

It seems like yesterday that we were sending a birthday cake to the Xi'an Children's Welfare Institute for Ty's 2nd birthday. It is hard to believe our little man is now 3 years old.

What a blessing Ty is and how happy/thankful we were to watch him blow out his candles this year. I can't imagine life without our happy little Ty.

We had a little celebration with just the 4 of us and will have a little party this weekend with some of our family and friends.

I'll post more birthday photos next week.....for now here is our 3 year old Ty Olsen TongLin blowing out his birthday candles.....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Swing set Fun

Lily and Ty LOVE their swing set! They can play on it for hours and I love it because I can sneak some really cute pictures of them.

They love to go down the slide on each other's lap. It is usually Ty on Lily's lap (her demand) but once in a while she will go on his lap.

At any rate they have a great time........

I love these 2 so much
(I also love this picture.... this is all them.... I didn't ask them to pose... they just smiled and then went back to sliding)