Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday

WELL.... 2 weeks ago (February 11 to be exact) Miss Lily Feifei turned......

It is hard for me to believe that my little girl is 6.
It really feels like yesterday that she was turning 2.

Lily has been waiting for her 6th birthday pretty much since the day she turned 5.
It just happened to work out that we celebrated her birthday over about 3 days.
She was thrilled.

A Lily for a Lily.
Ty says.... MAMA there are 6 red things in the middle just like Lily is 6.

For her birthday she wanted a roller skating party.....AND... Grandma & Grandpa N surprised her with new roller skates. We surprised Ty with a new pair as well.... because these littles are like twins most of the time.. when one gets skates the other gets skates.

Roller skating gift bags (for her friends)... these were a lot of fun and very easy to make.
The boys had purple bags with black laces... per Ty's suggestion.

The cutest and most delicious cake! Thank you Christine!

Lily couldn't wait to see this cake... she was so surprised.

Let's just say that Lily and Ty LOVE to skate.
Neither of them are afraid and they both do a great job.
They each have very different skating styles.
Lily is very graceful and takes her time. She sort of glides on her skates.
Ty is FEARLESS!!!!! He runs on his skates and the faster he can go the better.
I think he has a future in hockey. He thinks so too!

He loves her Pinkalicious book.....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pottery Painting

SO... last month the littles and I took a trip with Grandma Glenda to paint some pottery.
We enjoyed it as much as the littles!
I can't wait to go back!!!!!!

**Side note... photos taken with my new little purse camera... Canon Power Shot S95. I still LOVE LOVE LOVE my SLR camera and especially when it comes to photo quality. But I sure love this little camera. It fits so nicely in my purse and I am not missing any snapshots or any moments of OH I WISH I HAD MY CAMERA. It also has video.

A little lunch break at Red Robin....

Mr. Serious Business Ty.... He wanted to paint... and paint... and paint...
He wasn't happy when we had to finally leave.

Lily's color palette

Miss Lily applying her first coat of paint and wondering what grandma was up to...

Since Grandma was doing so well on her own Lily convinced her to help with her base coat application....

Lily adding another color to her masterpiece

Ty's frog of many colors...

When I asked Lily what her plan was for her pottery...
she replied...
MOM... It is for my doo-dads

Ty's frog of many colors is proudly displayed on his dresser

My pottery... Lily wondered if she could also use mine for her doo-dads....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year- Year of the Rabbit

Lily and Ty made these little rabbits to display with our Chinese New Year Decorations.