Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!
We are so thankful for the many blessings we have in life....
God, family, friends, a roof over our head, food, and our health.

Lily is super excited about Thanksgiving and to eat turkey (even though she never eats turkey). Her preschool has been doing all sorts of fun things to teach the kids about Thanksgiving.
She had a Harvest Party at school (mom, dad, and Ty were invited and Lily was so proud).
They made mini pumpkin pies today and each student got one to take home.
They made all sorts of Thanksgiving crafts and artwork.
Today they were using turkey basters to put water on little foam turkeys.
They go over all the things they are thankful for and even made
I am Thankful For books...
Lily's book says...
I am Thankful For
Ham and Cheese (she RARELY eats Ham)

Needless to say she is REALLY excited for Thanksgiving....

Ty just repeats what Lily says (in regards to Thanksgiving).... he has been saying eat turkey over and over...

Today Lily and I were teaching him how to say Happy Thanksgiving... I quickly noticed it seemed to be a good time for a video.....

FYI.........Ty is still about one inch shorter than Lily but he has passed her in weight....... what he hasn't passed her in YET is strength.... I have no doubt that will change someday but for now she can hold her own with Ty and he knows it....

This video has them both saying Happy Thanksgiving (that was Ty's second attempt at it) and then Lily saying she is thankful for Ty

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pine needles are serious business

*** A few of you asked where Lily's owl shirt came from..... I bought it at the Gap several months ago.***
Boden (for kids... online) has a cute owl shirt also.

A few weeks ago when it was still warm the littles were playing outside....

The hurricane winds that whipped through here a few months ago left our yard full of pine needles (not complaining because we are just thankful it wasn't roof shingles or trees).
Well, they thought it was so much fun collecting piles of the needles and relocating them to their swing set... I just happened to have my camera outside (big surprise I know).
Lily said, "Mom, you can take our picture but we are too busy to say cheese."
OH MY!!!!!!

Lily says... these are awesome mom... they are sharp but really awesome

Ty studying his needles (he says neen-uls)

Ty will stop anything he is doing to look up at an airplane.....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


LOVE her smile!!!!!

Such a little sweetheart!

Looks like Lily is taking a little rest in this picture.... she was swinging like this for several minutes with her eyes closed. I wonder what she was thinking about?!

Wearing beautiful hats that Aunt Katie made them......

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pumpkin Farm

About 3 weeks ago (as you can tell I am behind on getting pictures posted) we made the trip to a local pumpkin farm and it was SOOOO much fun.

Lily showing Ty how to operate a tractor... because she knows how... hee hee

Lily zipping along on the zip line.... and loving every minute

Ty also loving the zip line and looking like a natural with his legs in zip line position
Ty is saying, "LOOK... QUACK... QUACK".

The quack quacks hoping he had some food for them

Beautiful fall colors

Dad and Ty

Taking a hayride

They look so tiny compared to this big sign.... it would appear that Ty is taller in this picture (he seems to be standing up closer to the sign) but Lily is in fact about 1 inch taller than him....
He now weighs more than she does....

Bless their hearts they think they are really driving (Lily is in the first seat with the flamingos and Ty is behind her)

When it came time to pick out pumpkins they picked these little ones and thought they were so cool to carry them by themselves.....

Another look at the Princess and Pirate Pumpkins.....
These were some larger pumpkins that we had and they worked perfect for the Princess and the Pirate...